RestoMod Bespoke Design Service

Old cars have more heart and soul but don't always function the best with todays demands so any idea that we can come up with that fusions the classic style with the functionality of today is perfect.

Classic cars have great visual appeal. Unfortunately the dynamics along with driver comfort, ergonomics and equipment levels are usually somewhat lacking. RestoMod creations are basically the recycling of vehicles that were maybe discarded or become unusable.

Our positioning

We sit between the owner and the builder. Our aim is to work with the brief of the client, along with our own design thoughts and ideas, to provide the builder with a set of notes and imagery to work from to ensure that our clients gets the car of their dreams that we have designed and visualised for them.

When purchasing a high-end new vehicle, the manufacturers have the ability to provide the clients with the tools and ideas to customise their car. Why can’t this be the same for your classic purchase. That is the design service that we provide for your ‘new’ RestoMod car.

The design process

After detailed discussions to agree on a design brief of feature and style requirements the design process begins. Over the space of a few weeks multiple design iterations are produced. Finer details such as stitching, materials, instrument designs and switchgear are then added. Only until you are happy with the complete look and feel are the designs finalised.

Every feature, interior and exterior is modelled to scale in 3D to ensure accuracy.

What you receive

Once the design has been approved by the client, a build and design manual is produced for your selected car builder to work from. This manual includes overview and detailed visuals of the exterior and interior, along with switchgear, instrument design, material soecifications, notes and dimensions where appropriate.