2014 Rolls Royce Wraith

rescued and  reinvented

Rolls Royce Wraith - rescued and reinvented

This Rolls Royce Wraith was rescued from an accident damaged car which gave us the opportunity to make some styling changes. Changes that would only become apparent when parked next to a standard Wraith, giving it a unique, yet factory quality look.

The front headlights were changed with glass covers and new HID headlight units with the bonnet leading edge changed to overhang the top of the lenses. A deeper front lower intake with wire mesh with a lower chromed deeper splitter.

The main front grill was angled backwards more to created a smoother front end and the wheels were changed to a new custom design.

One of the larger alterations to the bodywork was the removal of the rear screen, replacing it with vertical glass to enable the creation of the striking rear buttresses. This created a large rear deck and an elongated bootlid.

In addition, the small uplift rear bootlid spoiler was enlarged and the rear bumper has larger exhaust cutouts within a new gloss black lower panel.

The wheels were kept to a sensible size to enable the fitting of high sidewall tyres to retain the well documented Rolls Royce ride quality.

Mechanically, the car is completely standard bar a new exhaust and the interior remains as stock apart from an interior retrim of the leather seats.