1973 Jensen Interceptor

the gentlemans express

Jensen Interceptor - the gentlemans express

The Jensen Interceptor is a Italian-designed but British-built grand touring car from the 1970s. Our client wanted a re-styled body with some neat design details along with a fully updated and re-configured interior.

The arches have been slightly widened and reprofiled to enable the fitment of the wider and larger wheels that were specified and the bonnet had a new power bulge and chrome inlet detail added. The side vents have been changed from the single to twin FF style ones but with chrome detailing added. Bespoke chrome mirrors have been added with fully electric adjustment.

At the rear some of the biggest changes where made. The bodywork has been re-profiled to accomodate the more modern style LED rear light units along with trimmed down, body hugging bumpers and a pair of centre exit exhausts.

The front-end has received a set of 4 modern HID headlight units, a deeper front valance, trimmed down chrome bumpers and reprofiling and extending of the leading edge above the lights and grill.

The interior of this Jensen has some major changes from the standard car. Bespoke design leather and polished-wood trimmed door cards welcome the owner when the door is first opened.

The dashboard and centre console is bespoke and trimmed in fine polished wood, piano black sections, chrome trim and baseball red stitching on the fine leather sections.. All the instruments are of a bespoke design to mimic a high end watch with chromes bezels and machined metal faces.

A modern touchscreen stereo had been fitted with bespoke classic style switchgear and a modern A/C unit the mimics the traditional Interceptor heater controls in style.

The fine leather electric powered seats are bespoke with adjustable logo embossed headrests and the roof lining is in the same fine leather.

Rear passangers have not been forgotten about with comfortable seats that mimic the fronts, plenty of storage space in the side panels and the extended wood and chrome trimmed centre console. A pair of cup holders have been added for those road trips with a duplicate speedometer for the passengers to monitor.

Mechanically, the engine is an uprated and rebuilt original 7.3litre V8 driving through an upgraded differential. The full brake system and suspension has been totally modernised and upgraded to bring the quality and safety on par with modern cars along with the addition of ABS and traction control systems.